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Ctf plugin

Ctf plugin

Name: Ctf plugin

File size: 560mb

Language: English

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Features: Ten advanced classes; Multi arenas; Full configurate; Easy to setup; Admin commands; Blocking command; Auto team balance. Overview. Would you ever play Capture the Flag? Then is CtF the right plugin for you. With CTF you can play epic CtF matches. More Classes More Maps API.⚑-ctf-⚑-kits-⚑-mulit-arena-⚑ support-⚑-advanced-plugin-⚑/. Features: Ten advanced classes; Multi arenas.

I need help finding a plugin for capture the flag. I have a spigot server and I have the plugin CTF but it wonT let players capture and steal. Some addon plugins made by other members that uses jCTF: To install any of these plugins, you must first download. Spigot plugin designed to implement a capture-the-flag tournament mode in Minecraft using the Spigot API.

/ctf - Main command for the Capture the Flag plugin. /ctf join - Allows you to join a capture the flag game. /ctf red OR blue - Allows you to choose a team. /ctf help. Bugzilla – Bug CTF plugin: matrix exceeds dimension when reading CTF data. Last modified: PDT. CTF Plugin: A new GPU plugin, enabling the application of a Colour Tranform or a 1D/3D LUT to a shot on output, is now available. Using this plugin, you can.