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Titanic how it really sank

Titanic how it really sank

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National Geographic explores the fatal series of avoidable human errors that sent Titanic to her watery grave. In What Really Sank the Titanic: New Forensic Discoveries, Jennifer Hooper McCarty, a materials scientist at Oregon Health and Science. Titanic: How It Really Sank. NGC reconstructs the story from the point of view of those involved, and debunks the many myths surrounding the sinking of the.

9 Apr - 46 min SHOP AMAZON - GIVE THE GIFT OF AMAZON PRIME Titanic - How It. Pretty much everybody knows the story of the sinking of the Titanic way back in According to an upcoming documentary, however, we. This documentary from National Geographic takes an inside look at the sinking of the Titanic, using modern technology to study the wreckage.

The sinking of the Titanic was far more than a simple accident. It was a tragedy that could have been prevented. It was the result of a long, long chain of. There have always been a lot of questions as to how the biggest ship in the world sank so fast, but was it really just the iceberg that caused the ship to sink?.