Shilla Reviewed by Thomas Ottey On 5th May 2009

If you are a culinary explorer, you can now your taste buds a ticket to Korea by heading to the New Town’s from brand new Shilla Restaurant, Named after one of the three kingdoms of Korea, Shilla is the new offering from the owners of Glasgow's Kokuryo and it brims with sexy Eastern promise and spicy authenticity.

The Atmosphere | Vistors are instantly filled with warmth by the greeting, the cosy rabbit warren of rooms, playful Korean pop and the exquisite spicy aromas. The waitresses appear to have stepped straight from the screen of Korean MTV, and only heighten the glamorous, friendly, youthfulness of the place. The nooks and crannies allow small groups to feel wonderfully secluded while larger groups can be as rowdy and raucous as they like.

The Last Word | It is brave to market yourself, as Shilla does, as 'The only 5-star Korean restaurant in Edinburgh'. However, with the limited competition and the excellent standard of their food and service, Shilla has earned the right to be confident.