Shilla Reviewed by George Kerevan from Scotsman Magazine on25th April 2009

You can try it for yourself at Shilla, named for one of the three ancient kingdoms of Korea. Shilla is a new sister to Kokuryo, in Glasgow's Argyle Street.

It has inherited a labyrinthine New Town basement previously occupied by a series of so-so Anglo-Scottish restaurants, including Keepers and Haldanes. I suspect this is too quirky a space, and too off the main restaurant beats, ever to succeed as a pukka British eatery. However, now embellished with sharp, contemporary Korean design, it has been transformed into an exotic location for a night out.

The kitchen staff and ultra polite waitresses are all Korean, and take infinite pains to explain the out-of-the-ordinary menu to the uninitiated. One import that other restaurants should copy – each table has a silent buzzer that connects directly with the serving staff, so no gyrating in your seat trying to attract attention.